Top Tyre Brands

Al Saeedi has been associated with some of the top names in the tyre world and we are one of the top UAE tyres dealers that are known for offering world class tyre brands and service in the region. Whether you are looking for Yokohama tyres in UAE, Continental tyres in UAE, Dunlop tyres in UAE, Michelin tyres in UAE, Hankook tyres in UAE, Bridgestone tyres in UAE, Pirelli tyres in UAE, Toyo tyres in UAE, Triangle tyres in UAE, Triangle tyres in Dubai, Solideal tyres UAE, OTR tyres in UAE or OTR tyres Dubai, you will find that Al Saeedi offers all the tyre brands that you are looking for.

Our Abu Dhabi outlets are famed for delivering Yokohama tyres in Abu Dhabi, continental tyres in Abu Dhabi, Michelin tyres in Abu Dhabi, Bridgestone tyres in Abu Dhabi and Dunlop tyres in Abu Dhabi. While our Sharjah outlets are known for offering Dunlop tyres in Sharjah and Toyo tyres in Sharjah.